We’re Revitalising The Blue

In 2019, a community campaign led by Blue Bermondsey BID in partnership with Big Local Works was successful in securing £2m capital funding from the Mayor of London’s LEAP Good Growth Fund, for the Made In Bermondsey regeneration project. The long term aim is to kickstart the rebirth of the Blue to be once more recognised and celebrated as Bermondsey’s historic town centre. 

After an 18 month community consultation, the construction works began in January 2021 and were completed in July 2022. The transformation of Market Place formed the centre piece of the improvements and we have created a first class flexible public space at the heart of the Blue.

Ready For The Future

The project partners; Blue Bermondsey BID and Big Local Works have a joint long term vision to bring more footfall and future prosperity centred around an attractive and authentic local market hosting a diverse range of stalls, regular cultural events, alongside a thriving High St and booming local business community. the Blue is now equipped with a unique and inviting community hub and has provided the foundation for a wide variety of legacy projects in and around the Blue.

Since the completion of the works, we have been busy seeking and gaining more funding to initiate our legacy projects. Our first legacy project was taking over the management of the Blue Market from Southwark Council in October 2022.

We have been working hard to deliver more of the legacy projects, but we can’t do it alone and so founded ‘Made in Bermondsey Too’, a community-driven initiative focused on empowering residents and businesses alike. Through a new community alliance group formed in October 2023, we are initiating positive changes today to create a better tomorrow by fostering a sense of community ownership and involvement in shaping the future of our neighbourhood.

The Made in Bermondsey Too partnership is dedicated to engendering a more inclusive and prosperous neighbourhood for all, with transparency and open communication at the heart of our efforts. We want to establish clear communication channels and hold decisionmakers accountable, to combat misinformation and keep everyone involved and informed about local developments and ongoing opportunities.

From supporting local businesses to ensure sustainable economic prosperity to providing young people with opportunities for growth and skill development, Made in Bermondsey Too is committed to building a resilient and thriving local economy that benefits us all.

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