New Community Mural Done and Dusted

Adorning the Blue Market car park, ‘The Blue Bermondsey Peoples Mural’ was painted over a two month period by renowned muralist Paul Butler and his partner Linda James, assisted by local artist’s Moses Kannah and Morgan Paton. Paul has been involved in creating five famous London Murals, including the highly acclaimed and celebrated Cable Street Mural.

It is an impressive and vibrant public artwork, which was developed after nearly two years planning and research, including workshops in the market and local schools to gather ideas and images. ‘The Blue Bermondsey Peoples Mural’ will now play its part in enriching the day of all those who chance upon its glorious form and sit equally alongside the Historic London Murals, which have become well known landmarks.

Paul Told Us

“The Mural is a monument for the people of Bermondsey and took a monumental effort to complete. There were times when we were daunted but when I hauled myself back up the scaffolding I relished the challenge. In moments of doubt, it was the warmth and good humour of people as they passed by that kept us going with comments and feedback, a bit of repartee, and anecdotes about local people and history. It was a memorable experience”

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