St James Arch Mural Completed

As part of the Made In Bermondsey regeneration project, local people expressed a desire for the creation of two community murals at St James’s Rd and John Bull railway arches as a celebration of the area’s rich historic heritage, drawing inspiration and responding to the local community and its evolving demographic.

The St James’s Rd arch mural has now been completed and has illuminated this previously grotty wall into a bright, colourful and inspiring urban artwork. The words and phrases were gathered at a community mural workshop held on Saturday 15th August, by Fraser Muggeridge Studio, who were awarded the commission after a public call out received 22 submissions from many of the best mural artists on the scene .

Special thanks to Sean Thomas who braved the elements and overcame the many challenges to paint the design throughout October 2020, and Network Rail for their help in making this happen.

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